Social events

Social programme

The social programme includes events for the conference participants as well as accompanying persons. The events and tours are booked at the time of registration.

The social programme include:

Opening reception

Wednesday, 20 November, 19.00-21.00
The location will be announced later.

Dramatized city walk followed by a conference dinner in Duus Wine Cellar

Thursday, 21 November, 18.00-

Drunkenness and brawls, prostitution and witch burnings were all part of life for the citizens of Aalborg some 400 years ago. The dark past lives again for you on this tour where historical facts are mixed with convincing drama!

The tour lasts a little over an hour where a guide leads the guests safely through the tumult; in which semi-professional actors from the theatre group of Det Hem’lige Teater (the secret theatre) help recreate the past. They breathe life into some of the historic and infamous events that Aalborg has witnessed through the centuries.

You will learn about rich and the poor, centering on the wealthy merchant, Jens Bang, who built the famous stone house in 1624 that bears his name. The tour winds through the old city streets and looks at the life of such people – not to mention the prostitutes, the pregnant chambermaids and the liquor that was the poor man’s friend.

The tour ends in historic Duus Wine Cellar (in Jens Bang’s House) where a buffet will be served together with a nicely chilled draught beer, snaps, wine or a soft drink!

The Wine cellar is found in the cellar arch under one of Aalborg’s oldest buildings, Jens Bang’s House, which is the finest example of renaissance domestic architecture in Northern Europe, built in 1624 by the wealthy merchant Jens Bang. More information about the Jens Bang’s House here.

For over 300 years, the building has been the home of Aalborg’s oldest pharmacy, and in all that time the house has never been sold. Despite the fact that Jens Bang was Aalborg’s wealthiest man, he never became a member of the town government which is the reason why he is sitting at the house end sticking out his tongue at the town hall.