Invited speakers

Paul Davidsson

Professor in Computer Science
Dean of Research, School of Technology
Malmö University


Abstract: Intelligent Transport and Energy Systems Using Agent Technology

Experiences from different applications of agent technology to make transport and energy systems more efficient will be presented. The examples will cover real-time applications on the operational level, as well as, support for planning and decision-making on the strategic level.


Danica Kragic

Professor in Computer Science
Director, Centre for Autonomous systems
Vice Dean, School of Computer Science and Communication
Royal Institute of Technology

Abstract: Robot Visions, Robot Vision

The current trend in computer vision is development of data-driven approaches where the use of large amounts of data tries to compensate for the complexity of the world captured by cameras. Are these approaches also viable solutions in robotics? Apart from ‘seeing’, a robot is capable of acting, thus purposively change what and how it sees the world around it. There is a need for an interplay between processes such as attention, segmentation, object detection, recognition and categorization in order to interact with the environment. In addition, the parameterization of these is inevitably guided by the task or the goal a robot is supposed to achieve. In this talk, I will present the current state of the art in the area of robot vision and discuss open problems in the area. I will also show how visual input can be integrated with proprioception, tactile and force-torque feedback in order to plan, guide and assess robot’s action and interaction with the environment.